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We've all had times when the motivation isn't quite there and it can be challenging. This article will explore ideas on how to get that motivation back and keep it.

Setting Short Term Goals

Goal setting is a great way of making sure you stay on track with your training and nutrition as well as helping to keep your motivation levels up. Hitting a long term goal is great but if you cut this down and work towards smaller and shorter term goals then you will be able to remain in a positive mindset for a longer duration.

Short term goals could be as simple as hitting a certain weight on a lift, or reaching a weight of a few pounds less or a few pounds more (depending on your target) or even simply sticking to a diet plan for a week or 2. All of these are achievable in a short amount of time and will help keep you motivated and on track to hit your bigger, long term goals.

Tracking Progress

Other people will always see your progress more than you do. By taking progress pictures or videos, weighing yourself and taking body measurements, you will be able to see what they see. No one likes taking pictures of themselves or recording their weight before they've begun their transformation but they can be key in helping you stay on track when looking back on them and realising just how much progress you've been making.

Don't forget, the only person you're competing with is the person you see in the mirror. It's not important what other people in the gym look like, what they lift or how fit they are, what's important is that you are progressing in your own fitness journey. As long as you are noticing that you yourself are improving whether it be losing or gaining weight, hitting that PB you've been working towards or even fitting into those clothes you've been aiming for then you're heading in the right direction and making sure your progress is being tracked will keep you more motivated than ever.

Taking Time Off

If you're hitting the gym and sticking to your diet day after day then that's great, but it's likely at some point you're gonna hit a wall. Taking time off (either a full week off or a stripped back deload week) can not only refresh your motivation levels but can actually also aid in your body's performance levels.

You might be the type of person that thinks taking any time off will cause you to lose any progress you have already made, I know I was, however it will have the complete opposite effect on your body. If you're following a training plan then scheduling in a rest and recovery week after a set amount of weeks, or just when you feel your body needs one, will not only help you freshen up for the next stage of your training but will also actually aid in whatever it is you're training for as in the end of the day your muscles grow and strengthen when you rest, not when you train.

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