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Do you enjoy training explosively? Enjoy working up a sweat? This workout is designed to help get you conditioned and explosive using only 2 pieces of equipment! Are you ready to tackle it?

Who doesn't love conditioning? Working at a maximal level, sweating profusely and feeling like your lungs are going to burst at any given moment.... yep it's great! This workout that I have put together will do all those things and more. It only requires 2 pieces of equipment, battle ropes and a medicine ball. Other than that all it requires is a lot of heart and maybe a bucket.

This is a very simple workout and can be tailored to your fitness level simply through the amount of times you go through it. This also means it can be both a quick workout or a long workout depending on how much time you have available. The idea is to work at your maximal work capacity for the duration of the exercises whilst keeping rest periods low in order to really hit your cardiovascular system hard and improve your conditioning. Are you ready to take it on?




Battle ropes

20 seconds

- Alternate arms

Medicine ball slams

5 Reps

- Slam from overhead to floor

That's it, simple yet very challenging. You will begin by performing 20 seconds of battle ropes, for these hold each section of rope is your hands and drop down into a slight squat. From there use fast strokes and alternate arms as you do so. Immediately afterwards you will perform 5 reps of medicine ball slams, to do these simply squat down to pick up the ball, raise it high above your head and slam it back down to the floor as hard as you can, then repeat for the remaining reps. Once you have done both exercises you will rest for 30 seconds and then go through it all again.

The beauty of this workout, other than its simplicity, is that as I mentioned before it can be tailored to your fitness level by increasing or decreasing the amount of rounds you perform. To begin with aim for 4 rounds, if you feel that this is enough then leave it there however if you still feel good add some more rounds on and see where you can get to! If you are new to this style of training you will soon fall in love with just how taxing it can be, after all it will only be as hard as you make it so make sure to push yourself and work as hard as you possibly can.

If you are someone that primarily lifts weights but wants to start including some conditioning work into your training this is a great workout to try. Add it in once a week on a non lifting day and see how it challenges you in a completely different way.

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