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Looking to fill out those t-shirts and build some big, broad delts? I got you.

When I first started going to the gym shoulders were always a big weak point of mine. They were small, weak and quite tragic to be honest with you. Overtime I've learnt how to train them properly, how to hit all 3 heads of them; the anterior, posterior and medial deltoids and develop big, strong and broad shoulders. With this workout, you can too!

This workout will help you learn how to train shoulders properly using different rep ranges and a selection of exercises to hit them from all angles. Give it a go and see yourself grow in no time!




Seated smith machine shoulder presses



Dumbbell lateral raises



Seated incline front raises



Pec dec rear delt flyes



Wide grip barbell upright rows



To begin this workout we're going to be hitting some seated smith machine shoulder presses. For these simply set up a bench at a 90 degree angle under the smith machine, load it heavy and press away. Make sure the bar stays close to your face and as always control the reps. Next up, a heavy lateral raise. Stand up, grab some dumbbells and with a slight bend in the elbow raise them up to your sides. Only raise them as far up as parallel with the floor and slightly twist your hands so that your little fingers are higher than your thumbs. This next move is one of my favourites. For the seated incline front raises set up a bench on a high incline (you don't need to be leaning back too much), hold the dumbbells to your sides and one at a time perform a front raise. Doing these on an incline will allow you to bring the dumbbells right back behind you at the bottom of each rep creating a great stretch on the target muscle. Moving on we have some pec dec rear delt flyes, sit on the pec dec facing the machine and set the seat so the grips are at shoulder height. With an overhand grip and slightly bent elbows pull the grips outwards until you come only just behind your shoulders, coming back too far will engage your traps which we don't want. Finally we have the wide grip barbell upright rows, for these you are going to choose a very light weight (maybe even just the bar) and perform some slow upright rows. Make sure you have nice wide grip so that you don't put your shoulders into an uncomfortable position.

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