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It's time to pack on some serious muscle. Bulk is a 4 week program designed to set you on the right path towards building all over size and strength. Focusing on basic, multi-joint movements to give you the most bang for your buck. The exercises are carefully chosen to ensure that the entire body is being trained effectively as well as helping you develop the foundations of a solid, muscular frame. This program is great for beginners who are simply looking to put on size and weight as well as someone that is looking to get back into the gym after spending some time away. You will be required to train at the gym 4 days a week following an Upper body / Lower body split. On top of this a calorie surplus is required within your diet. The 4 days I suggest training on are; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday as this will allow for enough rest periods between training sessions to allow for full recovery. If that schedule doesn't work for you for whatever reason then don't be afraid to contact me about moving some of the sessions about. The BULK program also follows an RPE system (Rate of Perceived Exertion). What this is is an intensity rating scale used to explain how hard a set of a certain exercise was from 1-10, 1 being extremely easy, 10 being maximal intensity. Hypertrophy and strength are the goals of this program meaning that everything will be done at an RPE of 7 or more. This program also allows for progression each week, it will begin with an introductory phase where the intensity will be relatively low allowing you to get a feel for the exercises you'll be performing. After this the volume will increase in week 2 to allow you to start increasing work ethic, before weeks 3 and 4 increasing the intensity of your training meaning these 2 final weeks will be where you are working much closer (if not working at) failure pushing yourself as hard as you can.

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